Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome to the New Paranormal

What has two fangs, a houseful of domestic madness and a brand-new blog full of vampire blah-blah-blah?

This guy right here.

Twice around the web and five years of contemporary ghoul-dude antics just weren’t enough for me. So I’m doing it all over again. This time, I’m in the throes of family expansion, in the form of another sticky-handed little Asherling running around this place—complete with vampire complications of his own. And the music project is picking up steam, too, including an amazing opportunity to tour with Revenant, those legendary gods of 80s Gothtronica. I’ll have to realign my work responsibilities and figure out how to be away from Chloe and the kids for a while in order to make it all happen.

And, of course, the vampire elements will need to be kept under control. That’s always tricky.

I can handle anything it throws at me, as long as my family stays safe.

There’s a lot to keep track of when the big What Happens Next has become the big What’s Happening Now. At this point, I’m balancing everything as best I can—the wife and kids, the day job and the dream job, the friends old and new.

Joe Asher and Joe Vampire.

It’s tenuous but possible, if I put my not-so-beating heart into it.

It’s about time I accept that my life is always going to be a little more complex than I’d expected. All things considered, it’s a definite double-fistful of awesome, with a smattering of not-so-wonderful thrown in for good measure. 

Yep. Welcome to the new paranormal.

Population: us. 

Joe Vampire: The New Paranormal. Now available for your Kindle. Load it like it's hot, yo.

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